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Get on a website maintenance plan today!

Protect your website, protect your customers, protect your business

Every month that your website falls behind in maintenance is another month that bad guys can find your website, just looking for any security hole that could destroy your website, destroy your business, and destroy you.




What You’ll Get

  • Once a month maintenance for your website. We update all plugins and themes (all paid plugins and themes must have valid subscriptions) and WordPress. If you allow server access, we can also help keep your PHP version up-to-date (may require extra charge in certain cases)
  • Automatic daily website backups. If the website has an issue, we will restore it to a previous working backup
  • 24/7 monitoring of the website. If the website goes down because of a bad guy or a technical glitch, we will know right away. If your website was hacked, we can quickly restore it to a previously working backup (if caused by a hosting issue and we don’t host your website, we can notify you that your website is down so you can notify your web host)
  • Discounted rates on content updates and website refreshes


We charge $39 per month for this service with discounts for longer membership terms. For example, the quarterly membership is $69 (save $48 over monthly), or $259 for an annual subscription (save $$209 over the monthly subscription).

What can happen without a website maintenance plan?

  1. Your website can become defaced. When visitors go to your defaced website, they don’t see what you wanted them to see. They see the stuff the bad guys put there
  2. Your website can start serving malware to unwitting visitors – bad guys can put malware infected code on your website, completely hidden and unknown to the average visitor, than can either serve viruses and malware to their devices, or redirect visitors to websites that will do that
  3. Your website won’t function properly after a period of time. It will fall behind so far on maintenance that the only way to save it would be to completely rebuild it
  4. Because of all these issues, your website will lose Google and other search engine’s trust and will either devalue or delist your website completely.
  5. Benefits of the Website Maintenance Service:

    • Your website stays updated every month by knowledgeable and experienced human hands
    • Much less likelihood of getting infected or hacked
    • 24/7 website monitoring included
    • If there’s a problem, we will know it and can quickly restore from a backup
    • PEACE OF MIND knowing that your website is protected and cared for
    • Reasonable pricing!

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