If you’re debating on whether you should regularly maintain your WordPress website, consider these things that can (and will) happen if you do not choose to maintain your website:

  1. Your website can become defaced by bad guys much more easily. Like a lock on your house, the bad guys try to break into the easiest place possible. If your website is kept updated, the lock is much stronger, and the bad guys go elsewhere. If your website does get defaced, when visitors go to your defaced website, they won’t see what you wanted them to see. They see the stuff the bad guys put there
  2. Your website could start serving malware to visitors, and no one may even know about it – bad guys can put malware-infected code on your website, completely hidden and unknown to the average visitor, then the website would either serve viruses and malware to their devices or redirect visitors to websites that will do that
  3. It won’t function properly after a period of time has passed because it will fall behind so far on maintenance that the only way to save it might be to completely rebuild it
  4. Your website will very likely lose Google’s and many other search engine’s trust and they will either devalue or delist your website completely.

As you can see, not maintaining your WordPress website is just asking for disaster. Hackers can get into your website at any time, and they can strike at any time AFTER they get into your website. You may not even know about the invasion for weeks, months, or even longer!

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