In the sunny state of California, a dentist made a long-term decision that could have cost him dearly.

Driven by the belief that his website wasn’t generating business, he neglected its maintenance, fearing it would be a wasted investment. Little did he know that his website was silently attracting potential patients, unbeknownst to him.

The dentist’s website grew stale and outdated as several years went by. It lay untouched, lacking the essential care it needed to thrive and stay current. Then, one fateful day, disaster struck. Complaints began flooding in from visitors expressing dissatisfaction with the website’s appearance and functionality.

Unaware of the underlying issue causing the website to malfunction, the dentist urgently sought our expertise. Upon investigation, we made a startling discovery: years of neglect had left the website in shambles. The outdated theme and multiple neglected plugins rendered it incompatible with modern technology. The effects caused the pages not to display correctly, and where an attractive page existed before, a horrific-looking page took its place, leaving a very negative impression on potential new patients.

The situation demanded immediate action. To restore his online presence, the dentist faced an uphill battle – each of the nearly 40 existing pages had to be rebuilt from scratch. So with his blessing (and because he realized his website WAS valuable to his practice), we painstakingly reconstructed the website. We ensured that it was compatible with current technologies while fully customizing the theme to closely resemble the aesthetic of the old site, preserving the dentist’s unique brand identity.

However, the cost was significant. The dentist had unknowingly missed out on numerous potential business opportunities during the time his website was not functioning correctly. Patients seeking dental services had turned to competitors with more reliable online presence, leaving the dentist feeling the sting of lost revenue. The dentist also had to invest thousands of dollars in the website’s reconstruction.

Today, the dentist embraces a new perspective, acutely aware of the importance of website maintenance. His revitalized website acts as a magnet, attracting new patients and fostering trust. He is now a passionate advocate for regular website upkeep, educating fellow practitioners about the risks of missed opportunities.

This story serves as a wake-up call to dental professionals and all other business owners who feel that their website “Isn’t generating any business, anyway.” By prioritizing website maintenance, you can ensure your online presence remains competitive and captivating. Don’t let this misconception consume you – take action now to maintain your website and seize the endless possibilities it brings.

Learn from this dentist’s experience: Embrace website maintenance to create a captivating online presence, attract patients, and never miss out on the tremendous business potential that lies within reach.

Remember – you can do the maintenance yourself or purchase our extremely reasonably priced comprehensive website maintenance plan. Maintain your website starting today to greatly reduce the chances of leaving your prospective customers out in the cold, forced to find a competitor with a properly working website.