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Website Hosting:

Premium Website Hosting Package includes your own IP address (not shared hosting), your domain name registration for one year, up to 10 GB of space, up to 10 GB monthly bandwidth, and up to 10 email accounts (up to 1 GB space for each).  INCLUDES DV SSL Certificate! Hosting is auto-renewed yearly. (NOTE: Premium email accounts and more space available for extra cost)

Website Design:

Includes up to 5 page WordPress site – Home page, About, Contact, and 2 product and/or service pages. Includes text, pictures and videos (must have a YouTube account or we will create one for you). Includes WordPress installation and premium theme. Price does not include hosting, domain registration, SSL Certificate, or content creation. (NOTE: Does not include E-Commerce requests)

One Time
SSL Certificate Package:

Includes installation of SSL certificate for your website for one year providing the security your customers and clients want and deserve. Includes DV certificate and installation.

Content Creation:

We will create awesome text content for your website which Google requires so you can be listed as high as possible on search engine results pages. This is an absolute necessity if you do not have anyone to create great content for you – at least 500 words on your home page PLUS additional content on your secondary pages.

NOTE: If you have someone to create your content we will perform minor edits for no charge as part of your web package. However, major edits and outright creation will result in this charge being added to your final bill.

One Time
Restaurant Menu Installation:

Includes WordPress installation and premium theme in a new directory on  your current website, your current restaurant menu listing (up to 200 items) each item separately and a separate page for each listing group, as discussed in sales materials.

One Time
Google Business and Maps Installation/Upgrade:

We will use a current, or setup a new gmail address (we will provide username and password for new account), initiate a new or claim a current business listing, verify postcard, help you respond to some current reviews, consult with you on how to respond to future reviews, set up MyBusiness page in Google and train you how to use it, set up your own YouTube channel and train you or an associate on how to use it.

One Time
G6 Website Upgrade Package:
Includes the following:

  • On-page SEO for your home page so your website gets found on Google. We discuss with you the best keyword terms to use for your business and local niche and post the proper coding on your home page. Although no one can promise this, in most cases we can get your page organically on Page 1 for your keyword terms and many times in one of the top 3 positions. We can discuss how SEO works with you!
  • Plug-in installation and configuration for a WordPress firewall to prevent your website from getting hacked by bad guys
  • Additional premium plug-in installation to speed up your website – doing this helps ensure you keep people from leaving your page before it loads and your website will not suffer any speed penalties from the search engines
  • Website backup – we automatically retain up to 3 recent backups of your website so in case it breaks it can be restored quickly.
One Time
G6 Web Services Local Brand Slayer:

You get your own online interface to manage your business’s local listings, data listing service sync (automatic), online reputation (review generation and management included), and social media  management and posting all from your own special back-end. This is an amazing package (ask for the flyer with all of the features and benefits!) with all of your needed tools located all in one place. This is a 3 month term, renewable every 3 months.

G6 Web Services Local Brand Slayer Addon:

As an add-on to the G6 Local Brand Slayer, your local listings will automatically synchronize so they are all the exact same, which is very important to Google and the other search engines. This add-on is an annual contract (therefore the G6 Local Brand Slayer will also become annual). Price at only $69 per month. NOTE: you MUST have the G6 Local Brand Slayer package to purchase this add-on.

G6 Web Services Local Brand Slayer Complete Done For You Solution:

Everything in the G6 Local Brand Slayer is yours, and we do it ALL for you! All you do is tell us what to post and we will post it on all of your social platforms. We will procure extra content to post from your industry and post it on a regular basis. We will also respond to all of your reviews and notify you of circumstances that require your knowledge and/or intervention. This is 95% hands-off for you – our best Social Media Tacticians will manage your account, 24/7! (One Year Contract Required – Price includes G6 Local Brand Slayer, G6 Local Brand Slayer Add-On, and we do it ALL for you!)

G6 Web Services Social Media Profile Creation:

We create your social media profile – per site – minimum 5 sites. We will help you choose which platforms will be best suited for your business. We employ all of the most highly-guarded secrets to getting the absolute best value from creating your social media profiles. One-time charge. See Platform Management below.

One Time
G6 Web Services Social Media Platform Management:

We will manage each platform for you – this means posting content that you provide as well as additional content relevant to your business. We will also provide PPC advertising (Pay Per Click) (not included in this price) at your budget to provide brand awareness and acquire additional local (not garbage) fans/followers for your business. This price is monthly, per platform, with annual contract. IMPORTANT: This package is part of our proprietary Super Slayer method of Social Media Management. Please inquire for details!

per month/

G6 Web Services (G6WS) Package Deals

G6WS Website Design and SSL Certificate Package:

Package includes Website Design (5 pages) and SSL Certificate as above

G6WS Small Business Slayer – Website Hosting (1 year), Website Design, and SSL Cert (1 Year):

All a la carte items as above are included: G6 Website Hosting (one year), G6 Website Design (5 pages), G6 Website Upgrade Package and SSL certificate (one year). Hosting and SSL are renewable yearly for a discounted rate. (NOTE: Does NOT include E-Commerce requests, content creation is extra as above)

G6WS Restaurant Web Slayer – Website Hosting, Design, SSL, and Menu Installation:

All ala carte items as above are included: G6 Website Hosting (one year), G6 Website Design (5 pages – one time), G6 Website Upgrade Package, SSL certificate (one year), and G6 Restaurant Menu (up to 200 items) (Save over $180) Hosting and SSL are renewable yearly for a discounted rate. NOTE: Content creation is extra – see above.


This package is everything we have to offer. It includes each of our social media management services at the platinum service level and includes 5 social media platforms. This is a FULLY MANAGED solution! We post on all of the social media platforms that work best for your business in the proper order of execution, manage reviews and solicit them from your raving fan customers, list your business on every single website and directory locally and in your industry, PLUS publish press releases for your business,!

All of this means that you can seriously expect high double-digit gains in your business within 6 months in most cases, and in the case of newer businesses, this package can (and will) exceed your wildest expectations. There is only one thing required of you and your employees/contractors: you MUST be FULLY committed to the success of your business. We are so serious about your success with this package that you actually have to qualify to enroll in this package.

As a special bonus and if you need or want it, we will also include a free 5 page website, domain registration, website and email hosting, and SSL certificate for your website (NOTE – Domain Registration, Web and Email Hosting and SSL certificate are included for one year in this package – and are again included with a renewal of the Complete G6 Web Slayer Package). EXTRA BONUS: CONTENT CREATION IS INCLUDED IN THIS PACKAGE (value $349)!

This is perfect for any business that is looking to greatly expand their online presence and in turn their bottom-line. This is the monthly rate with an annual contract.

$997.00/ Month
G6WS Custom SEO Package – includes on-page and off-page SEO, white-hat link building for your website so it can rise above your competition in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) $CALL FOR PRICE

G6WS Side Orders:

G6WS Website Design: Each Additional Page:

Each additional page to the initial 5 page site

G6WS Restaurant Menu Additional Items:

Additional menu items past the 200 item limit (per 100 items)

100 Items
G6WS ECommerce Packages:

Quoted on a per-site basis. Please call for details.

 Per Quote