Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Campaign Management Service For Google AdWords, Microsoft Ads and More

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  • Fully Managed PPC Campaigns – We Do it All
  • Spend Less Money, Get More Clicks And Leads
  • Secret Pro-Level Strategies Make Your Campaigns Hyper-Efficient
  • Get More Qualified Visitors Quickly
  • More Visitors Convert To Paying Customers/Clients/Patients
  • Increase Sales, Get The Bottom Line You’ve Dreamed Of

Get G6 – Because Obscurity is Your Business’s Worst Enemy

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With Our Premium Pay-Per-Click PPC Campaign Management Service

If you’re paying for PPC campaign management, chances are there’s a lot of wasted spend. We take every step necessary with our pro-level strategies to make your spend as hyper-efficient as possible.

Every Dollar Counts. That’s our methodology – from checking and verifying every single headline and description in every ad all the way to checking your landing pages and optimizing them so they convert at the absolute very best rate they can.

Why Work With Us?

  • Provable results and testimonials from real business owners that experienced superior growth through using our services
  • You don’t need to be knowledgeable about all the latest Internet marketing trends because we always keep up with them.
  • Get your phone calls, emails, and text messages answered; voicemails returned quickly.
  • If you choose, we can provide priceless business insights and suggestions to help capitalize on your business strengths and point out weaknesses you may not have considered.
  • Your success is our success. Your experience and results are our top priority and our commitment to that goal is unwavering.
  • You will always feel welcomed by our caring staff.

Our Approach

PPC Campaign Management For Google AdWords and Microsoft Ads is not a one and done. It’s a constant ongoing process because everything changes – it never stops changing. We will never just set it and forget it like many PPC managers.

We always keep up on the latest trends and algorithm changes because your business is of utmost importance. When your prospective customers, clients, or patients are looking for your type of business in your local area (your niche), they will find you and your business.

This gives them the opportunity to look over your information. If the information is pertinent to them and they are in pain for (or desire for) the solution you offer, it is likely they will call, email, or visit your place of business. We send you the leads. You and your website must help them make the final determination that your business can fulfill their needs or solve their problems. Then they’ll become paying customers.

Prospects will call, email or come into your store (as appropriate to your business), and not your competitor’s.

Call us at 602-899-5223 today for a free 30 minute consultation to see how we can help you get more business for your business.

Ready To Get Started?

If your business is ready to experience cost-efficient PPC management, call or text us today at 800-590-2085. We look forward to speaking with you.


What People Are Saying

G6 was absolutely amazing to work with! Don’t be fooled by the solicitor calls you get to build your web page. You will NEVER get the customer service. You’re just a number! Dave did everything I requested and very promptly. He even periodically checks in, to see if there is anything I need. Worth every penny!!!

Jennifer McDonald

Co-Owner, Monarch Ridge RV Park

G6 web services have been very beneficial to our business. We have customers daily calling in asking what we have on our menu. We can direct them to our website or our mobile-friendly menu on our website. This has cut down on phone time with customers and we have customers very happy to see their options before they come in to dine. Great service!

Brad Duryea

Blue Hills Cafe

G6 web Services just re-did our 10 year old website. Dave is very professional and easy to work with. When he say’s he will get it done he does! We highly recommend using Dave.

Jennifer Burns

Co-Owner, Bell Road Signs

I couldn’t be happier with the work that Dave did with our website. His personal service and attention to detail resulted in an effective marketing tool for our business.

Randall Clark

Owner, Arrow Express and Lock and Roll Storage

I contacted Dave to build my website. I had no idea what was involved or how to build one. Dave and his company have been just great. They were so helpful and explained everything as we went forward with the project. I would highly recommend Dave and his team for any of your website and marketing needs.

Thank you so much for everything you did for me.

Marileen (Freddie) Tate

Owner, Tate's Precious Pomeranians

Absolutely enjoyed the help from Dave. Extremely professional and gave great ideas.

James Hendrix

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