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What Is Small Business Internet Marketing?

Small Business Internet Marketing is marketing that is directed at your business’s local or regional market. It is a specialty type of marketing versus big business marketing. Big businesses tend to market on a national or even global in scale.

As a small business, you have many advantages when it comes to marketing and advertising your business, especially compared to big business such as national stores and franchise chains. There are also disadvantages. One of the biggest disadvantages is that there’s really not much direction in where to put your advertising dollars. So many small business owners waste money testing different forms of advertising. Unfortunately, many thousands of dollars are spent without much return on their investment. It’s true, and it’s not your fault!

It’s not all bad news though, as your small business has these amazing marketing advantages over big business (and many franchises):

  • Small businesses can employ Guerrilla Marketing techniques much more quickly and easily than larger businesses
  • Small businesses can make quick decisions and employ them nearly instantly once the decision is made
  • Many consumers prefer to do business with local businesses given the choice as long as the quality/service is consistently great
  • Small business owners can take part in community events and be recognized for their contributions

From the consumer standpoint, doing business with local small businesses has many advantages too:

  • Small businesses employ nearly 50 percent of the population and typically employ local help which helps support the local economy
  • Small business owners are easier to reach for issues that occur because they’re generally local to their community and work hands-on in the business
  • Small business owners tend to support their local communities because they live there
  • Small business owners are easier to reach and are more open to give donations to support their community. With big business, you probably need to contact a home office that never answers their phone or they make you go through 10 menu options just to leave a voicemail that never gets returned

As you already knew, being a small business owner is challenging! Small business owners don’t have unlimited budgets and the local economy greatly affects their ability to survive. Small business owners also face many daunting challenges running their businesses. They don’t have an employee to manage each aspect of their business, much less an entire department.

What’s the biggest issue small businesses typically face every day? Cash flow. That’s right – most small business owners struggle with cash flow. There are several reasons for this:

  • Many small businesses operate at or near break-even. This causes cash flow issues because the bills typically get paid just in time or one step behind the day they’re due
  • Sales aren’t consistent and therefore are difficult to predict. Without consistent sales, cash flow suffers
  • Even when sales are more consistent, cash flow bottlenecks can still occur due to credit card processing times (up to 3 days and more)
  • There’s always additional wants and needs that the business can only afford when there’s enough money to pay for it – and that’s the end of the excess cash flow

What’s the solution to most of the cash flow issues? MORE SALES, and then proper planning. Business owners must be cautious that they’re not spending their excess cash before having a padding of at least 30 days. How do you get more sales? By bringing more paying customers into the business. Which is easier said than done, right?

Getting the additional sales requires a strategy. You need determine what will attract more people into your business. One strategy that almost any modern small business can use now is this: become more visible on the Internet. You need to be EVERYWHERE because you want EVERYONE that’s searching on the Internet for your type of business to find you. And your offer and the reason they should purchase from you. That’s what it takes to get more business for your small business.

Are you looking for more business for your local business? The Internet is a huge place with literally 1000’s of possible places to advertise your business, no matter how big or small or what products or services you sell.

Where are your prospective customers/clients/patients looking to find you? If they don’t find you but your competitor instead, you’re losing business! That’s not fair, is it?

Why Work With Us?

You will get:

  • Fast responses to your phone calls, emails, and text messages (we promise)
  • A great listener whom will make appropriate suggestions to help you capitalize on your business strengths – but knows you are the boss!
  • A partnership building experience with you
  • True dedication to helping your business become more successful
  • A highly experienced small business person knowledgeable about all the latest Internet marketing trends.

Our Approach

We take a whole approach as a Small Business Internet Marketing Agency. We do not use piecemeal methods but instead put your business in as many places as possible in your local market. When your prospective customers, clients, or patients are looking for your type of business in your local area (your niche), they’ll find you and your business.

This gives them the opportunity to look over your information. If the information is pertinent to them and they are in pain for the solution you offer, it is likely they will call, email, or visit your place of business. Then they will make the final determination that your business can fulfill their needs or solve their problems.

We provide our own digital marketing strategies to make sure those prospects end up calling or emailing or coming into your store, and not your competitor’s.

Call us at 602-899-5223 (we are based out of Arizona) today for a free 30 minute consultation to see how we can help you get more business for your business.

Would You Like to Know More?

If you like what you’ve read here and would like to work with us, call today at 602-899-5223. We look forward to hearing from you!

Our Services

Reputation Management

Many business owners do not realize that their online reputation is their most important asset. We can help you discover and then manage and maintain your Online Brand Reputation with our Proprietary Software.

Website Design

Is your website up-to-date? Mobile Friendly? Secure for you and your visitors? Whether you need a Custom Built New Website or to bring your current website up to date, we can do it all.

SEO / PPC Management

What is more important than an awesome website? Traffic to that website so you get more phone calls, more emails, more leads! We specialize in driving traffic that converts into customers.


Many small business owners do not completely understand branding. Branding is confusing to most small business owners, so you are not alone! We help explain what it is AND we can put you in the driver’s seat, giving your business its best chances of success against your competitors.

First Rate Secured Website Hosting

Amazed at how expensive your website hosting bill is every month or year? Some businesses pay $30, $50, even $70 a month and more for basic website hosting! Not with us! We use dedicated servers and provide the most reasonably priced hosting, PLUS we secure all our client’s websites with a premium SSL Certificate.

Marketing Consulting

Marketing is a big task for most small businesses, and it is confusing because there is so much to it. We can consult with you, sort out your most challenging marketing issues, and provide you with the tools you need to soar above your competitors!


What People Are Saying

G6 was absolutely amazing to work with! Don’t be fooled by the solicitor calls you get to build your web page. You will NEVER get the customer service. You’re just a number! Dave did everything I requested and very promptly. He even periodically checks in, to see if there is anything I need. Worth every penny!!!

Jennifer McDonald

Co-Owner, Monarch Ridge RV Park

G6 web services have been very beneficial to our business. We have customers daily calling in asking what we have on our menu. We can direct them to our website or our mobile-friendly menu on our website. This has cut down on phone time with customers and we have customers very happy to see their options before they come in to dine. Great service!

Brad Duryea

Blue Hills Cafe

G6 web Services just re-did our 10 year old website. Dave is very professional and easy to work with. When he say’s he will get it done he does! We highly recommend using Dave.

Jennifer Burns

Co-Owner, Bell Road Signs

I couldn’t be happier with the work that Dave did with our website. His personal service and attention to detail resulted in an effective marketing tool for our business.

Randall Clark

Owner, Arrow Express and Lock and Roll Storage

I contacted Dave to build my website. I had no idea what was involved or how to build one. Dave and his company have been just great. They were so helpful and explained everything as we went forward with the project. I would highly recommend Dave and his team for any of your website and marketing needs.

Thank you so much for everything you did for me.

Marileen (Freddie) Tate

Owner, Tate's Precious Pomeranians

Absolutely enjoyed the help from Dave. Extremely professional and gave great ideas.

James Hendrix

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