Dave Glick Proves That His SEO and Website Design Can Help Your Business

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How Can Dave Glick Help with Your SEO and Website Design?

The answer to that question comes in two words: I care.

I care that you’re in business for yourself and that many times it’s a struggle. I’ve been in business for well over 35 years and know and understand what you’re going through.

As a matter of fact, I bet you wonder sometimes if you’re doing the right thing for you and your family…

So have I over the years. I’ve asked myself questions like “Why am I a business owner? What benefits do I get from being a small business owner and are they enough to justify what I do and the RIDICULOUSLY high expense of self-employed health insurance?”

Like you, I bet that my answers are always the same – because I enjoy the flexibility, the responsibility, and the freedom that it affords me. When I figure it out and then can do everything to the best of my ability, I make a great living! However, being a small business owner is one of the most difficult things that anyone could ever do. Don’t you agree?

What Are the Challenges of Being in Business For Yourself?

The challenges are immense! From deciding what to sell, where to sell it, how much to sell it for, hiring employees or VA’s, discovering processes (aka the playbook), refining them, troubleshooting issues, customer relations, money management, to marketing and advertising, and much more! And, that’s only skimming the surface! As a business owner I am quite positive you can completely relate – so let tell you just a little about my story.

Dave’s Life Story in 4 Short Paragraphs

Although I was always interested in being my own boss and operating my own business as a kid (I come from a long line of business owners in my family), I got serious about it in 1982 when at the age of 21 I took over a pizza business with my father’s financial help. For 23 years I ran that pizza business – and learned about the trials and the tribulations, and the rewards, of owning a business.

In 2005 I sold the pizza place and went full time into the computer repair business in our small town in Northern Arizona, which I had been doing on the side for about 8 years up until then. Time went on… and, with the Great Recession upon us in 2007, I sold what was left of the computer business and went to work for a large cable company doing tech support. I really enjoyed making all new friends and learning about the corporate environment. I am still in contact with many of the friends I made from that experience!

In 2010, however, I decided I was done with Corporate America 🙂 I had no job and no business, so I decided that the fastest way to grow a business was to learn how to market a business online. It was a huge risk and with a family to support, I had to make it – I didn’t have a choice!

In April 2010, after leaving my cushy but rather low-paying job (health insurance WAS a great benefit, though!), I started my computer business from scratch (again), this time in the Phoenix area.

Starting Over in Business – Again

I got my domain name and hosting and created my website, which was really nothing special, but I learned and followed best SEO practices of the time.

Because of that, I was able to get my home page ranked on Google in less than 3  months with my new domain. I took my brand new computer business literally from zero to a full-fledged business in about 6 months. It was amazing – I happily discovered that this Internet Marketing stuff REALLY worked!

Since then I have helped hundreds of other small business owners with their websites, SEO, Social Media Management, and Reputation Management as a part of my computer business, helping them take their business to new levels due to the techniques I use and processes that I put in place for them.

In 2017 I decided to sell my computer repair business and go full time into website design and SEO.

What Does Dave Do Differently in SEO For You?

What makes me different than other SEO and Digital Marketing companies? For one thing, I won’t take on your project unless I am very confident I can help. I don’t want to waste my time or your money if it doesn’t even have a chance to work. Next, I do things in a certain order because I know that doing things out of order will not work. There is a right way, and a wrong way. Big companies many times don’t get this – they will do things in a haphazard way because they don’t get it. However, I do.

I focus on more than SEO – I call it SEO+.

What is SEO+?

Why Allow Dave Glick to Help With Your SEO and Website Design? Image Shows Searching on the InternetFirst, allow me to explain what SEO is: SEO is a scientific method as well as an art that helps get web pages ranked as high as possible for searches that are performed on search engines. The biggest search engine of course is Google, then there’s Bing, Yahoo!, DuckDuckGo, and hundreds of other ones. SEO is wonderful because it can really drive tons of people to your website. Social media can do the same thing, when done correctly. So can Pay Per Click (PPC). ALL of these marketing techniques work great when done correctly.

However, SEO, Social Media Marketing, and other marketing techniques (consider real-world marketing too) ONLY get people to a page on your website. Getting people there, however, doesn’t guarantee that any percentage of them (or ANY of them) will become a customer (or client, patient, etc). Why? Because if they didn’t like something about the web page they visited, or they didn’t feel that your product or service could help them, or they didn’t TRUST that your product or service didn’t help them, they will click off your site and go to the next competitor.

How Long Do You Have Before They Run Away?

You have 8 seconds (give or take a second or two) to accomplish all of these things when a visitor comes to ANY of your web pages, on the first view:

  • They have to know why they should do it
  • They have to know what they can do there
  • They have to know where they are
  • They have to TRUST that the decision they’re making is in their best interests and will work for them

Ask one of your friends or relatives to go to your website – ask them to look at it from a Martian’s point of view and ask them those questions.If they can’t say YES to each of them, your visitors won’t either.

It doesn’t help your business if you get visitors onto your website if they click off right away because they don’t like something about it or they don’t get the impression that their solution is not with you. The focus must be on getting people to your website AND getting them to convert to leads, customers, clients, patients. I care that you’re you’re on page 1 AND getting money coming in the door from being on Page 1.

One More Reason to Consider Dave Glick to Help You With Your SEO and Website Needs

Over 35+ years as a small business owner, I’ve made the mistakes and learned from them. I know how much effort it takes on a daily basis to do what we do. What you go through every single day to keep your business running is many times nothing short of a miracle!

I see these things and can understand them, and because of that you will feel comfortable talking to me about your business. We will spend the time we need together to come up with strategies and figure out the best things that will work for your business.

Let’s take your business to the next level together. Call me personally at 602-899-5223. I will speak with you on the phone for no charge or obligation and come up with ideas that will work for you and your business. That is my personal guarantee and I can give you references that will stand behind every word that I stated here. I do look forward to hearing from you!

Dave Glick