Active Campaign is one of the top email marketing platforms available on the Internet today. You may be wondering how I can make that statement – after all there are so many others to choose from, right?

Here’s the thing – when you look for any product or service, you are looking for the best solution for your needs at the best price available, right? If you find a solution that doesn’t work for you but it is cheap, what are the chances you will use it? Conversely, when you find a great solution but it is out of your price bracket, you probably will keep looking.

With Active Campaign you get the best of both worlds – you get a solution that works great, has tons of features, and is a great price. As a matter of fact, Active Campaign offers several different price brackets for each level of contact numbers. If you are just looking for basic features, you can get in on that bracket, no matter how many contacts you have. Yes you will pay more for each increasing level of contacts are on your list, but that is very standard for email marketing packages.

Another nice feature of Active Campaign is that you can move in and out of brackets as your business needs change, no matter what number of contacts you have. Therefore once you move into a higher bracket, you are not locked into it like other services.

Now that I’ve discussed the pricing brackets, I will move on to the different aspects of Active Campaign. First of all and naturally, it is an email marketing platform. You can enter your contacts or upload them through a spreadsheet and ‘tag’ each contact and put them into specific lists. This allows you to easily identify them for your campaigns so each contact gets exactly what you want them to.

Speaking of campaigns, there are six of them to choose from. Whatever you need an email marketing platform to do, Active Campaign can do it for you easier and faster than anything out there. You will spend less time and less money managing Active Campaign which means you will be far more efficient with your resources. We all need to keep as much time and money as possible, right?

Here are the type of campaigns that you can expect to find. The first is just a one-time email to send to specific or all contacts. Next is an automated campaign where you can decide what happens based on certain actions or in-actions of your recipients. Automation emails are the coolest things in the world – the software does whatever you tell it to, based on any number of factors such as date and time, and what your contact does in regards to the last contact made.

The third campaign is an automated campaign. This is set up to perform certain actions when you gain a subscriber to a list. Each list can be assigned to a different campaign so  different things happen with each list. The next campaign is a split-test which is perfect for sending out one email to say half your list, and a different email to the other half as an example. You can gauge which has the best response and adjust as necessary for future emails.

The fifth type of campaign is an RSS (Real Simple Syndication) triggered campaign that performs certain actions for your contacts when you update your feed (like making a new blog post) such as reminding people that you just came out with your latest and greatest article on an awesome subject! The last type of campaign is the Date Based campaign. This is cool because it will send out an email on someone’s birthday, anniversary, or any other specific date that you choose, completely automatically and without thought! This is awesome for keeping those personal and business relationships fresh.

The other super-cool thing about Active Campaign is that it really functions as a fully-fledged CRM (Customer Relationship Manager). It stores all of your data for your customers/clients/patients and can auto-magically send out birthday and anniversary cards. It keeps track of personal likes and dislikes, when you called or saw them last, and nearly any other fact or tidbit of information you want to keep about them. It can also send you reminders to call or email your contacts when the time comes or remind you of where you are in your deal.

Speaking of deals, Active Campaign can keep track of those too. You set up which products and services you want to sell and the software will keep track of where you are in the process. Each deal has an owner so each person in your organization can keep track of their own deals.

As you can see, Active Campaign is an amazing platform with tons and tons of benefits for the small business owner. If you are interested in sampling it, we can provide you with a free trial AND a discount on the monthly fee after your trial is over. Call us now at 800-590-2085 if you want to take advantage of your free trial!