The Internet is going to get a whole lot scarier for visitors going to many websites.

Is your website one of them?

Your business website is crucially important to your business, right? Even if it is a minor cog in the wheel for your business, you need to know what is going on now…

Beginning in July 2018, Google Chrome will roll out a new version of the most popular browser on the Internet. New versions come out all the time.  However, this one is different. It can substantially affect your website’s lead performance and your visitor’s experience.

Before I go into that, did you know that your website visitor’s security is extremely important? If your website visitors type anything into a form like a contact form or provide any other information to you via your website, that information is out in the open. That means that anyone can intercept that information. Unless…… you have a properly installed and configured SSL certificate on your website.

Here is newest the issue regarding Google Chrome: Now, if you do not have a properly installed SSL certificate on your website, Chrome will tell people it is Not Secure. This is guaranteed to scare people off of your site because they will not understand why they are being told that. They are thinking someone or something is going to come out and grab their personal information, so better safe than sorry in their mind. Then they will move to a competitor’s site. They will simply go to a business does not say NOT SECURE when they go to their website.

To make matters worse, Google’s search engine penalizes your website for being insecure. That means that if you were number 4 in the ranking prior to the rule, now you could be number 24! That is not good news for any business that relies on organic traffic. Organic traffic is traffic that goes to your website from the natural results in a search page and not from a paid ad.

These are some serious possible consequences for your business.

What can you do? First, you need to know if your website is protected with a properly installed and configured SSL certificate. Here’s what to do to check your website’s status:

  1. Open Google Chrome on your computer and go to your website. If the address bar (at the top where your domain name shows up) shows it is https and not http  AND it says SECURE, you are all set. Congratulations! Your SSL certificate is installed correctly. You can sleep better knowing that you and your visitors are protected in this manner from bad guys.
  2. If your website does NOT show up as secure in Chrome but it says https in the address bar, then you may have an SSL certificate but it is either not installed correctly or it is not a quality certificate. This is bad and you will scare your web visitors away, losing your business sales opportunities and leads.
  3. If it says http in the address bar or there is nothing there regarding http or https, you do not have an SSL certificate at all. This is bad and you will scare your web visitors away, losing you sales opportunities and business.

If number 2 or 3 is true, I have bad news for you – you will soon be losing website visitors if you are not already. The worse news is that a properly installed and configured SSL certificate can be very challenging to install from a technical standpoint. But.. the news is not ALL bad…

We can help you install an SSL Certificate on your website. With that certificate, you will again make your visitor’s experience secure. The other benefit is the SSL Certificate will make Google’s search engine like you again! We can install the certificate quickly, easily, and inexpensively.

Call us at 800-590-2085 and we will answer any questions you have over the phone. We can also help you get your SSL certificate properly installed and configured on your website so it is secure and you won’t scare your web visitors away. It’s important to them, and it is important to your business. Call today.