Are you serious about the success of your business…
OR… are you just dabbling a little?

If you are just dabbling, then you can skip this article because it probably doesn’t apply to you.

But – if you ARE serious about the success of your business, you should read this article and do what it says if your business is not on Google Business, which also means that you do NOT have your business listed in Google Maps.

Why is it so important to do this now, and why should you get a Google Business listing, which also lists your business in Google Maps, if you are serious about the success of your business?

With a Google Business (and Maps) Listing:

1) Your business gets listed into the biggest phone directory in the world: Google! Anyone that searches for your type of business in Google in your local area, if the listing is done right, will find your business in Google.

2) Anyone driving around using Google Maps, which at this time is THE most reliable and easiest to use maps app in existence, will find your business if they search for your business type

3) Your listing in Google Business can be customized. You can add the following to the listing:

    • The Categories You Do Business In (Up to 10!)
    • Your Hours
    • Your Phone Number
    • Your Website
    • Pictures of You, Employees, Your Premises Inside and Out, Videos, Your Logo, Other Pertinent Pictures
    • Your Appointment Link (if applicable)
    • Your customers can leave you great reviews
    • You can respond to all reviews, showing your public that you are in touch with your business


4) If you run a SERVICES BUSINESS from your HOME and don’t want to put your address in there for people to find you, you still need a Google Business (and Maps) listing – you simply tell Google to NOT show your home address in the listing. You just tell it what your service area is (either a radius around your address or add zip codes) and Google will draw the circle(s) for you and show your business to potential customers/clients/patients in that area.

5) IF you have a Maps listing now and it is not claimed, YOU can claim it. You just need to be signed into a Gmail address in your browser and click on “Claim this Business” or “Own this Business?” depending on what part of Google you are in, and then you can claim it. Google may need to send you a postcard, or it may be able to verify with your phone number or email address, depending on the circumstances.

You REALLY need to do this – now – if you are looking for more business This is SERIOUSLY the FASTEST way to get more business right here and right now, and it is FREE! You are just wasting opportunities if you don’t have a Google Business listing. If your business has a listing and it is not claimed, you are losing opportunities to optimize your listing with the things discussed earlier, plus you do not have control over your listing unless you do claim it. The icing on the cake? You can’t respond to reviews if you don’t claim your listing.

ALL business owners should respond to (or have someone do it for you) ALL reviews. IT shows you are in touch with your business AND you CARE about your business. Think I am wrong? Take a look at some other businesses in the same industry as each other. Look at one that DOES respond to reviews and one that doesn’t – which would YOU do business with?

Do this today – right now – while you are thinking about it. Your new business leads from the Internet depend on it.