Is your website mobile-friendly? To find out, take out your smartphone (or your friend’s if you don’t have one) and go to your website.

Is your website all scrunched up and looking a little like the picture on the left?

Or does it look nice with a good amount of space and is easily readable like the picture on the right?

If your website looks like the picture on the left, you could be losing potential customers/clients/patients! Why? Because no one has extra time in today’s world, and no one especially has any patience! When people have a need they want it resolved NOW (yesterday was even better!)!

If your website is not mobile-friendly and it is making people pinch the screen in and out just to read the text and view the pictures and videos, you are taking their valuable time. They will become frustrated. They will find another website and another business to patronize!

That means you are losing their business!

Don’t lose their business. Get a mobile-friendly mobile-responsive website today. Your business will thank you. Your pocketbook will thank you. Call 800-590-2085 today and we will answer ANY questions you have about mobile-friendly websites. Call 800-590-2085 now for your free mobile-friendly website consultation.

Not Mobile-Friendly