Social media is one of the most powerful and least understood tools available to businesses. Properly utilized it can be an inexpensive manner to reach millions of potential customers. Misused, it can cripple and destroy your business. So how do you make social media work for you? One of the first steps is to stop doing the following.

Only Trying To Sell Their Product

Many businesses get a social media account just to promote products and deals. They don’t see things from the side of a customer. Nobody likes endless ads on social media. They get enough from the paid advertisements. If that is all you have on your account, then they’re just going to unfollow you. That isn’t to say that you shouldn’t promote yourself. Just do it tactfully. Try not to feature a product more than once a week.

Ignoring It

A business that is unable or unwilling to adapt to the current circumstances is a business destined to fail. Whether you like it or not, social media is not going away. For the foreseeable future, social media is only going to grow more and more powerful. You should be jumping on the opportunities that social media provides. While you should be treating it as a lead magnet, that isn’t all social media can be used for for your business.

Aside from your weekly product feature, you should use the rest of your weekly posts to define your brand. You can do this by sharing posts your business supports. Showcase company employees and activities. Post memes about your industry. Talk about industry trends and emerging tech. Post about people that are using your product. The post should focus on the individual, but it will indirectly promote your product. You can even post about giveaways!

Insensitive Comments

If you are a celebrity, you can get away with a certain amount of insensitivity. People have come to expect that from the crazy rich and famous. They will get rebuked but will usually retain their status. This is not the same for a business. If you offend a customer, they will replace you without a second thought. You won’t even be able to apologize. They will have already unfollowed and blocked you. As a general recommendation, stay clear of politics and other sensitive topics. When you need to broach something sensitive consult with others before finalizing your post.

Your success in social media really comes down to how well you know your customers. If your posts aren’t being effective, it’s a great opportunity to question what about your customers you are misunderstanding. If you really know them, your posts will resonate with them. They will “like and share” and act as brand advocates. This will push your business forward towards success.

A great marketing strategy will help to push your business toward even more success. Contact us here to learn more about how we can help you.